Monday, December 16, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Sale Of American Citizenship For 13 Years Of Undocumented Labor Peonage

In Response:

Immigration Reform:  The Sale Of American Citizenship For 13 Years Of Undocumented Labor Peonage

Joe if they the undocumented are already Americans why are you guys trying to bribe them with 13 years of RPI status for a chance at American citizenship?

Oh I forgot!  Maybe they will be Americans once you thieves get another $46,300,000,000 in taxpayer money to secure the border before their actual status reformation.

Look at the reality of  the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, especially the funding buried in Section 6. 

Just look at how much money your border security cronies are going to make off of taxpayers because of the price of the "profit driven illegal immigration/reformation" game you guys play!

NAFTA created Mexican poverty = illegal immigration = immigration reformation.

You are using and abusing the undocumented to gouge US taxpayers. 

Joe when is the last time you stood in an over-crowded hospital emergency room filled with people who are undocumented but "already Americans"?  How many jobs have you lost to those your system of immigration propaganda for profit calls "Already Americans"?  How many of your grandkids are  held back in school because those "Already Americans" can't speak English?  How many of those "Already Americans" have moved into you home town and changed the demographics so drastically that the primary language spoken is Spanish and your old town now resembles a border town? 

Your system harms everyone yet the rich are the only ones who prosper.


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