Thursday, December 19, 2013

Immigration Activists Attack Deportations But Ignore Their Root Cause

In response:

Immigration Activists Attack Deportations But Ignore Their Root Cause 

Deportations are a result of the disgraceful illegal immigration practices that the undocumenteds' home-country governments and Washington both create and condone.  The majority of undocumented come to the US because of - as with the case of Mexico - the US and Mexican elite's  NAFTA and its creation of profit-driven poverty.

Do immigration reform activists think that by attempting to stop deportations they are going to fix the profit-driven poverty that actually results in these shameful deportations? 

I am concerned because I do not see or hear any indications that activists even care about what causes the deportations they protest.  I know Washington does not care - but that is to be expected.

Yet what about you the undocumented who were shamefully coerced into illegally entering the US because of profit-driven poverty?  What about you - their supporters?  Do you care about the root cause or do you simply want to grab your slice of the immigration reform pie by attacking deportations?

If immigration reform passed today you the majority of activists continue to protest deportations?   Or would you simply be happy with the shameful "reform rape" of the undocumented with their  "prize" of 13 years of Registered Provisional Immigrant labor status in exchange for a chance at US citizenship? 

Are you happy knowing the ugly side of the reform prize costs US taxpayers $46,300,000,000 in initial "border security" funding?  Are you happy knowing that that Washington's "border security" will cause more undocumented to die trying to cross and grab that prize that you received?

Are you happy knowing that by your acceptance of this RPI bribery you will ensure that the next wave of undocumented will come and that will cause the death of some in this process?

Are you happy knowing that by participating in this shameful immigration reform without addressing the poverty that causes it, you are just as guilty as Washington's political profiteers are in continuance and maintenance of  this decades-old atrocity?


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