Friday, July 13, 2012

Pulling the Propaganda-laced Immigration Wool Over Voters Eyes

The rich have always pulled the propaganda-laced immigration wool over voters’ eyes. Ignorant and arrogant American voters blindly go to the polls righteously believing that voting will fix illegal immigration.

I did the USBP/INS/ICE work for a living - I have that perspective. Immigration enforcement is not designed to be effective. It will never be fixed because there simply is too much money to be made maintaining the ineffective status quo.

Yes you will see the immigration tides sway this way and that, yet any real change is rare.

Mexico is where over half of the undocumented in the US come from. We seldom if ever hear any US politicians complain about the part the corrupt Mexican government plays in their own poor coming here.

Would Mexicans come here or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working at home safely with their families? This Is also true of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The 1% in Mexico profit by keeping their people poor. Sound familiar? We the people pay the price. Research the amount of US foreign aid that we annually pay them. How much oil do we get from Mexico? How many billions of trade dollars? How about drug, drug war, and weapons profits? How about remittances? How about the devastating effects of NAFTA? How much does the US military industrial complex make in the militarization of the border? How about private prisons and cheap labor?

Educate yourselves - we fight a common enemy.

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