Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Tattooed" At A Very Personal and Cellular Level

In Response: "Tattoos As Self Mutilation"

I got my first tattoo inside my left forearm while traveling two months ago in Bangkok.  I was changed inside by travel to Viet Nam, Bangkok, Singapore, India, Egypt, Israel Palestine and Greece.  There are many wonderful people in this world who just want a chance to live peacefully, be healthy and prosper.  The poverty and tyrannical governments of these people did not stop them from being friendly and returning smiles to me (with the noticeable exception of Israel).
My Bangkok tattoo (yes Bangkok got me) is the Om sign, a Hindu/Buddhist/Jain call to god.  My second was a trio that I got in Haifa Israel:   a Star of David, a Cristian cross, and a Muslim moon. They sit in a pattern connected to the Om sign.  Centered between these three will soon be peace sign.  I have the word AMEN tattooed on the outside of this same forearm. It is placed and lettered in such a way that a person walking behind me could see and read it.

I will also add an anarchy sign inside my left wrist.  I figure that will about cover my love for people in the world and my distaste for tyrannical and oligarchic governments who abuse them (including our own).   
All are done in shades of blues.   The location of my tattoos makes them noticeable yet not on (or in) your
face noticeable like Charles Manson or Mike Tyson.  When completed they will all be in an area about 10" long, and 4" wide.  Although I am impressed by the artistry, I am not interested in tribal or total body art tattooing.  

Did I get them to be "cool"?  Yes.  Did I get them in order to guarantee that I do not forget what moved me so much on my trip?  Yes.  Did I get them to make a personal statement?  Yes.  Am I sometimes embarrassed of them?  Yes.  Do I care that I get embarrassed.  Nope.  I have always been afraid or embarrassed of one thing or another.  I have always worried about what I thought others thought of me.      
I am 60 years old.  Right now I really like my tattoos.  I think it takes guts to make a "written" statement at such a personal and cellular level.

If it turns out that I hate them I don't have a gazillion years to worry about it. 

I have work to do, and not a whole lot of time left to get it done.  My tattoos will remind me when I forget. 
Otherwise my negative thinking has done much more self mutilation than a few tatts could ever do!

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