Thursday, July 19, 2012

Illegal Alien Bashers are True Victims Too

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"Illegal alien" bashing posters are true victims who are very angry. Like bulls who keep charging red flags, they keep typing to gore their undocumented targets. Yet the 1% matadors who hire the Joe Arpaio types of officers and politicians are actually the ones who have been stabbing their backs.

Most baffling to me is that these posters can't seem to figure out that the same 1% who stabs them is the same 1% who stabs the undocumented.

Failed immigration is created and designed by the 1% who runs our government. This is no different than the failed mortgage crisis, failed health care, failed wars, or our failing economy. This insidious 1% causes these failures because that is how they profit. With failed immigration, they specifically profit at the expense of both these US taxpaying posters and the Mexican undocumented.

Are posters so really so propagandized that they can't figure out why not one single U.S. politician criticizes the Mexican government for anything? The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if that filthy, corrupt co-trading partner of the American 1% would take care of its own citizens. The majority of undocumented care deeply about their families and would stay at home if they could make a decent living wage working with their families.

Wake up if you can. It’s about bi-national drug profits, trade, oil, remittances, the privatization of prisons, cheap labor, weapons profit, NAFTA, and a 40 year long political platform that only sways back and forth.

Of course you should be angry and seeing red!  It is we the taxpayers who pay for the medical and educational expenses of the Mexican undocumented.   AND, you might want to gore the right target to finally bring this 1% scam to an end.    

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