Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food For Thought - Send Mexico the Bill

In Response:

Food for thought: "Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market (after Canada) and third-largest trading partner (after Canada and China). In 2011, Mexico was the second-largest supplier of oil to the United States. Top U.S. exports to Mexico include mechanical machinery, electronic equipment, motor vehicle parts, mineral fuels and oils, and plastics."

"According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 57 percent of those entering the country illegally are from Mexico." see

Why doesn't our prosperous trading partner to the South (the Mexican government) take care of its own people? Could it be that it cheaper to "export" them here? Who wins and who loses by "exporting" them here?

Why doesn't the US government bill the Mexican government for all of the costs the US taxpayers pay to support Mexico's undocumented citizens' medical, educational, and now immigration fees too? I guess the 1.25 billion in cross border trade might have something to do with that! see link #1 above.

We financially sanction many other governments for wrongs that they do to the USA, why not Mexico?

There is something very wrong with this picture, and it is not the undocumented who are at fault.

It is two corrupt corporate/cartel run governments screwing the 99% on both sides of the border who are at fault!

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