Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pushing Them Into Fields and Prisons

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From above:  “The number of Mexican citizens serving a federal prison term for an immigration offense increased from 2,074 in 1994 to 17,720 in 2010.” 

Check out this article about Arizona's "Operation Streamline" for the answer to the above increase.

The Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers are simply expendable pawns to the 1% super rich of both countries.  Mexico's 1% profits by pushing people south while their remittances come north.  The US 1% profits by pushing them into their fields and prisons.   Mexico's 1% profits by avoiding the expenses of providing basic services for their own.  The US 1% profits by handing off the undocumented’s medical and educational expenses to US taxpayers. 

Meanwhile, the elite from both countries profit from one billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Oh did I forget to mention the billions of dollars in cartel drug profits and money laundering?  How about the failed US backed drug war in Mexico that has taken some 60,000 lives?   

And brainwashed, propagandized US voters think that the undocumented are the problem?     

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