Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Reap The Horror They $ow

What magnitude of tragedy will it take to cause millions of us Americans to have a nationwide peaceful demonstration in which we demand that our government not only boot the NRA lobbyists out of Washington, but all lobbyists out of Washington?

These tragedies happen because we are too damn lazy to shame Washington into addressing all of the “moral and profitable wrongs” in our country which contribute to hopelessness and fear :  illegal wars for oil,  worldwide arms sales, US gun sales, drug prohibition, recessions, poverty, financial inequality, the cost of education, the cost of healthcare, joblessness, the highest prison population in the world, the media's glorification of violence, the media’s sensationalism of offenders, NDAA, Citizen’s United, the 1%’s control of politics, and a president who uses drones to murder without due process.

We reap the horror they $ow and they profit from what we reap.   

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