Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Political Rhetroic of "Securing the Border" is a Lie

Do you know that in 2011 over 61 million cars and 40 million pedestrians crossed from Mexico to the US through US ports of entry just on the Southern border?

The busiest land port San Diego (San Ysidro) CA had over 33 thousand cars and 23 thousand pedestrians cross PER DAY.

Do you know that one billion dollars in cross border trade flows to and from both the US and Mexico PER DAY?

Our border and immigration laws are in place to make and control profits. The elite who run both governments will never permit "securing the border" to reduce those profit margins.

That is the only realistic history that will continue to repeat itself.

The rest is all political propaganda and rhetoric that keeps Americans falsely believing that the border can or will be secured.

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