Saturday, February 9, 2013

Those Who Profit Bank Upon Our Ignorance

In Response:

Many posters seldom explore the conditions that create these tragic murders. That would involve critical thinking instead of simply making someone wrong in order to be right.

I speak of border madness after having participated in it as a BP agent. Ultimately the separation wall exists because the rich on both sides of the line profit at the expense of the common people from both sides of the line.

Someone profits off of poverty in Mexico and border militarization. Someone profits off of our failed immigration and drug war policies. Someone profits off of 1.25 billion a day in cross border bi-national trade while Mexico's minimum wage is of 65 CENTS per hour. Someone profits off of drugs going north and guns going south. Someone profits off of the undocumented going north and their remittances going south. Someone profits off of US owned maquilidoras and Mexican labor. Someone profits off of the undocumented harvesting our crops while US corn from NAFTA goes south. Someone profits off record deportations and amnesty happening simultaneously. Someone profits off of border patrol agents doing an inhumane job while being expected to always act like humans.

Most of all, someone profits off of American ignorance that underlies our bi-national immigration and drug enforcement policies.

Good people on both sides of the border should be mad and they should be smart enough to figure out what the real cause of this border madness is.

Those who profit bank upon our ignorance.

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