Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Is What We Need To Debate

What really drives the Mexican immigration debate is profit for the bi-national 1% at the expense (and lives) of the bi-national 99%.

The Mexican elite profit off of the "exportation" of their poor in exchange for billions in remittances pumped back into their economy. Do you really think their undocumented would come or stay here if that filthy corrupt 1% run government of theirs provided wages equal to our own?

The US elite profit from cheap undocumented labor. Why do you think BIG AGRA skirts I-9 laws and immigration raids? Otherwise, there is plenty of 1% profit to be made with privatized immigration prisons, privatized border "security" contracts and the border militarization industry.

And who beside the undocumented are getting hosed by this scam? The same US taxpayers who are suffering because of failed health care, the Great Recession (aka banking scam) of 2008, and "free trade" agreements that move our jobs away.

This is always about who profits, and who pays. It is the bi-national 1%'s greed that is the sole reason that the Mexican undocumented are in the US. That same bi-national 1% who profit from 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross border trade, Mexican oil, US investments in Mexico, and Mexican labor.

Our taxes go to support the bi-national 1%'s profits while we suffer the consequences of overcrowded schools, overcrowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and the loss of our quality of life.

This is what we need to debate

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