Sunday, February 10, 2013

Someone Will Profit, and Someone Will Pay

in response:

Immigration propaganda 101:  The setup for Amnesty II.

Review Reagan's Amnesty of the mid 1980's and see how it was touted as the final cure for illegal immigration. Remember all of those employer sanctions provisions and the huge increases in BP and INS budgets that turned out to be so ineffective? Don't forget the rubber stamping of at least 50% of the 3 million amnesty applications that were proven to be fraudulent. Sometimes political success is more important than telling the truth.

Don't forget Billy Boy Clinton's NAFTA of the mid 1990's. Remember how all of those maquiladora jobs on the border were going to be the final cure for illegal immigration? Liars! Did I (or they) forget to mention that the largest influx of illegal immigration came AFTER the passage of NAFTA? They just didn't foresee (wink wink) that US elite's corn, Walmart, and the Mexican elite's robbing of their poor's communal agricultural land (ejido system) would do exactly the opposite of what they told us NAFTA would do.

Critically analyze this article and the current political dust up about amnesty II. Ask yourself these simple questions: who will profit, and who will pay?

As far as the ties of the US/Mexican elite are concerned, educate yourselves about our bi-national economies (oil, trade, investments) and the bi-national illegal drug, drug war, and cheap Mexican labor industries.

Someone will profit, and someone will pay.

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