Thursday, February 21, 2013

US Corporations Do "Buy Outs"; Mexican Cartels Do "Rub Outs".

In Response:

"Anti- Drug Effort?" That is the first and foremost lie Calderon and his US supporters pitched in starting his 2006 war for drugs.

Why in God's name would the Mexican narco-elite and US profiteers kill the goose that lays and has been laying golden eggs for some 100 years?

Calderon's drug war was and still is Mexican version of a government sponsored corporate or industry buyout. These just do things a little differently down there. Instead of doing "buy outs" they do "rub outs".

And how did the US elite reward their Mexican Drug War CEO Calderon? With a year's paid vacation at none other than Harvard.

First Angelopoulos Global Public Leader fellowship my foot.

Please support our petition to obtain and deliver 100,000 signatures to Harvard: one for every person sacrificed during Calderon's senseless, US backed war.

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