Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Undocumented: A Commodity to 1% Profiteers

In response:

The undocumented are nothing but a commodity to these 1% profiteers. AND, it is the normal US taxpayers who suffer because of wasted taxes, losses of jobs, and over crowded emergency/school rooms.

McCain supported privatized immigration prisons. Now he wants to cash in on Latino votes via some from of amnesty which of course will draw more undocumented to the promised land and more prison inmates.

These are the same lies spewed during Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA, both of which made the bi-national (US/Mex) 1% richer at the expense and quality of lives of many Americans.

These liars will also profit off of increased enforcement budgets that will accompany their amnesty plans.

If Washington had any integrity or guts at all it would force the corrupt Mexican government to take care of its own people. That in itself would cut our undocumented population by over one half.

But no, Mexican oil, labor, trade and drug profits are more important to Washington than its own citizens.

This immigration scam is a vicious, insidious circle of lies that the bi-national 99% continue to pay the price for.

The undocumented do not line the corners or hospital rooms where McCain frequents.

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