Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Déjà vu - Amnesty II

This makes me sick.  We got screwed by Reagan (Amnesty I) and Clinton (NAFTA) and now Obama is pushing Amnesty II.  All of Reagan's and Clinton's talk about the end of illegal immigration were lies.  In fact, the largest influx of illegal immigration came after Clinton's NAFTA.  It screwed the common people on both sides of the fence.
Call my brother who lives in San Jacinto, CA.  Our hometown is unrecognizable because of failed government immigration, "free" trade, and illegal drug policies.   

US citizens lost jobs that were NAFTA exported.  Then they lost jobs to the undocumented who poured over the border from NAFTA as those undocumented lost their common agricultural land to the Mexican elite.  Cheap US corn has ruined many small Mexican corn farmers.  
How about all of those small Mexican (and US) mom and pop shops that lost their small businesses to Walmart?    Walmart is the number one retail story in Mexico and the US today.
And the US owned border maquiladoras?  Government sponsored slave labor.  Who the hell can live on $5.00 to $8.00 a day?

The US government will not stand up to the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government because of Mexican oil, labor and trade.  And if you think the billions in cartel drug profits laundered by US banks has do not have  something to do with Washington's apathy, you have another think coming.

Obama's immigration plan is a rehashing of the old fiascos of Reagan and Clinton failed.    

We need to support the Occupy Movement and stop the global 1% who are destroying our world.

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