Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This fellowship is horribly wrong in so many ways. Calderon’s ill-fated war on drugs has left 100,000 people dead, 25,000 missing, and 400,000 displaced in Mexico. Don’t buy into Calderon’s propaganda that 90% of those killed were criminals. Many innocent people and children were slaughtered as Calderon’s corrupt military fought not the war on drugs, but the war for drugs.

What “global leader” would do that to his on people? What renown US university would turn a blind eye to Calderon’s horrific drug war truth as if it did not happen?

Please help us obtain 100,000 signatures to appeal to Harvard: one signature for every person sacrificed during Calderon’s senseless war. Please read the many comments on the petition. Comments from the good people of Mexico who have suffered this nightmare firsthand. Read as they over and over again refer to Calderon’s legacy of “corruption and blood”.

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