Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Shamful Scam Perpetuated By Ignorance

In Response:

The bi-national elite (US/MEX) create the conditions that push/pull the undocumented across the US. Profit is the elite's only motive: profit from cheap labor, remittances, prison inmates, political platforms, border militarization, DHS budget increases, NAFTA, etc.

DHS is all about lying with numbers and Operation Streamline takes the cake. They take "economic aliens" to court, 100 at a time, charge and convict them of illegal entry (first offense is a misdemeanor) and then deport them. Wallah! Now the previously defined "economic alien" (a US Border Patrol term defining a non-criminal undocumented entrant looking for work) reenters and is now classified as a criminal alien (because of previous Operation Steamline conviction and deportation).

And now the US Attorney's Office in Arizona can boast about the thousands of criminals that they are convicting!  Don't you feel much safer?  

See America! I told you we are being invaded by more criminals! Mr. Congressman we need more agents, more drones, more equipment, more prisons, more courts, and higher walls!

What a shameful scam which our ignorance perpetuates.

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