Friday, February 8, 2013

"Open Season on Illegal Aliens" Bumber Sticker

In response:

Those who profit from our immigration status quo love it when they see you react with angry bumper stickers and comments.

Imagine blaming the high cost of food on the poor who stand in food lines at homeless shelters. Logic dictates that those people are standing there as symptom of a larger problem. Yet the poor are not the actual cause of that problem.

Why can't most Americans make that same logical connection with the undocumented? The bi-national rich (US/Mexico) who profit from this problem pay politicians to keep you confused. As long as you are ranting and raving at the symptom of the undocumented symptom, you will never see the cause as the 1%'s greed.

It is all about profit and who pays. What you don't see is that they are also profiting at the expense of the undocumented. That is the hold they have on you.

Simplest form: Mexico's 1% export their poor to the US in exchange for billions in remittances annually pumped back into their economy. The US 1% profits from cheap labor, prison inmates, border militarization, drug profits, and a never ending political platform that you can't quite figure out. And don't forget Mexican oil, trade, and investments. Mexico is our number 2 supplier of oil. 1.25 billion a day in cross border trade keeps the bi-national rich smiling.

Remove the blinders or keep suffering as our schools, emergency rooms, street corners and jobs are all gone.  

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