Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Border Is Not The Problem

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The border is not the problem

The problem is the NAFTA and CAFTA elite who run governments and put greed above the lives of their own countries' citizens.

The problem is the fact that the majority of immigration reform activists (on both sides of the debate) ignore the root cause of illegal immigration (greed based economic policies) that create the ensuing poverty, illegal immigration, border deaths and immigration reform that recreates the entire scenario – over and over again.

This suffering is caused by the elite’s demand for cheap labor, remittances and billions in border security profits that combined outweigh common sense and basic respect for human beings.
With all of the above said focusing upon the various symptoms of the problem (deportations, children’s suffering, family separations etc.) rather than the cause of the problem (greed based economic policies) is an exercise in futility as the problem will only get worse – not disappear.

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