Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reformers Fear Death Of Immigration Bill - The Hill

Washington has created this illegal immigration catch 22.
NAFTA has exacerbated illegal immigration to the levels it is today. NAFTA has simultaneously satisfied corporate lust for cheap labor, border security billions and increased NAFTA trade profits.
Combined with huge investments in Mexico, the elite who run Washington have sold America's soul to the corrupt Mexican few. This insidious relationship will not allow for the effective control of illegal immigration or illegal drugs. It that were to happen the economy of corrupt trade partner (in NAFTA) crime would implode which would in turn hurt the US trading elite's bottom line.
Please take the time to read VP Biden's recent speech to the Mexican economic elite. You will have a much clearer picture of the corner Washington has painted America into if you do.

You know if the corrupt US and foreign government economic elite would stop their insidious system of profit-driven, poverty-creating trade polices which create profit-driven illegal immigration which creates profit-driven immigration reform and instead provided all citizens an equal shot at prosperity - the undocumented would not come or stay here in the US.

As if the jobs you mentioned were the only jobs taken by the undocumented. I read many posts like yours. Logical posts and solutions. Somehow the point you and many posters like you can't quite connect are the corruption dots that throw all logical solutions under the immigration reform bus.
Illegal labor, illegal drugs, and immigration reform are huge money makers for the corrupt elite who run not only our country, but the undocumenteds' country too. Reform will only exacerbate their profits, border deaths, and millions more undocumented coming to the US. Corruption is the problem that no one will discuss and guarantees the problem will remain unsolved.

I beg to differ. Washington's system of profit-driven illegal immigration requiring profit-driven "immigration reform" is exactly human trafficking of foreign laborers for corporate US and home-country corporate profit.

Thank you for bringing light to the Washington elite's scam for putting cheap labor profits above American workers. Most people do not bother to read the fine print where Americans are typically thrown under Washington's immigration reform bus. .

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