Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Response To Posters Comments: Cantor Loss Won't Kill Immigration Bill

Illegal immigration and immigration reform are ultimately huge money makers for the corrupt corporate elite who run Washington and the corrupt cartel elite who run the undocumenteds' home country governments.

Meanwhile the majority of posters here who rant and rave about mass deportations and closing down the border do not realize that the same bi-national, corrupt corporate elite have intermeshed all of the economies involved to the degree that continued illegal immigration, immigration reform, tax payer costs and border deaths are simply their costs of doing business.

So you think that it is only the democratic fa├žade of our kleptocracy that profits from screwing American taxpayers? The Senate's S.744 comprehensive immigration reform calls for 46.3 billion dollars for border security. Do you think only the corporate democrats are going to rake in that boodle? Hahaahhaa

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