Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stirring The Emotional Illegal Immigration Pot Rather Than Attacking Its Root Causes

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Stirring The Emotional Illegal Immigration Pot Rather Than Attacking Its Root Causes

Ms. Foley is very well informed about immigration issues.   I must say I am a bit perplexed as to why she primarily focuses upon the symptoms of illegal immigration (deportations, family separations, immigration reform, the recent childrens' border crisis) rather than the root causes of illegal immigration?

Those root causes are: 

(1)  greed-based US foreign economic policies that create this unprecedented disparities in wealth and poverty in both the undocumenteds' home counties and the US

(2) the US backed drug wars that have created unparalleled home country violence that exacerbates illegal immigration too

I think most Americans are very sympathetic to the horrible conditions that push their fellow human beings to flee their home countries.

I also think that most Americans are also sick of Washington's greed-based, politically motivated immigration games that not only put the undocumented at risk but affects the lives and welfare of US citizens too. 

Who foots the bills for billions of dollars in border and interior immigration enforcement boodle that to date has proven and/or are designed to be ineffective? 

Who suffers the consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs to the undocumented and unjust demographic changes that have made many American home towns resemble border towns? 

Ms. Foley none of this is entire ordeal is fair to either the undocumented, their families or US taxpayers and their families. 

Today Americans are not going to automatically swallow another of Washington's "immigration reform" pills that will undoubtedly increase illegal immigration, increase its effects upon US taxpayers while simultaneously ignoring the horrendous fact that hundreds if not thousands of more border deaths will be a result of Washington's insidious plan. 

We all need to educate ourselves as to the root causes of illegal immigration.  That is the only chance we have of solving the problem.


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