Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Responses To Posters

Does anyone actually think that Washington will allow border enforcement to be so effective that it would stop their cronies' source of undocumented laborers? Or that they would let border enforcement interfere with their 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national NAFTA trade? Or that they would let illegal drugs be controlled in such a way that their conspiring banksters would lose out on laundering cartel profits? Or that privatized prisons would run out of prison inmates? Or that it would be so secure that the economy of their 2nd largest source of oil (Mexico) would implode? Or that they would let border and interior enforcement be so effective that they would stop asking for billions in border security boodle?
We have become so illegal immigration brainwashed that we can't begin to see the true source of the problem. That of course is by design and will guarantee that the problem will (by design) never be solved.

Who do you blame for the 1986 Amnesty? 1994 NAFTA? 2002 creation of DHS? All Washington immigration profiteers associated with these programs promised that their program would end illegal immigration. Obama's actions are simply a link in the historic chain of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

This isn't about individual politicians: it is about corrupt system. We could swat flies forever but that won't change the rot that they breed from.

Every notice how our discussions of this problem are limited to several parameters only - boot em' all out, let em' all in and who is to blame for this mess?
Where are the discussions about the economic profits of illegal immigration (labor and remittances)? How about the economics of the border and interior security industries? How about the economics of NAFTA, CAFTA and pending TPP?

How about the economics of profit-driven poverty which drives profit-driven illegal immigration and results in profit/political driven immigration reform?
We as a nation have no chance of addressing this problem if we can't see the problem.

twopesos is absolutely correct. Our government, regardless of who holds office, is addicted to cheap migrant labor that isn't concerned with minimum wage or any other standard of the typical employer/employee relationship.
Here is a small example:
Several years ago, I worked as a carpenter on multi-million dollar homes in an exclusive, private resort area.  This job paid far better than comparable jobs in the area. As more illegals moved in, they began getting more and more of the work, for the simple fact they they would work far cheaper than anyone else. My work became a matter of handling detail oriented projects, supervising crews of illegals who cannot speak the language, and repairing any work they did incorrectly. As they became more skilled, my hours dwindled to nothing. Meanwhile, the same contractors who were hiring illegal labor were the first to complain about them "taking over", but refused to face the reality that their own addiction to cheap labor was fueling the influx of illegal immigration. At this point, the wages for these skilled positions are now lower than they were when I entered the field twenty-five years ago.

Do you know that the bi-national NAFTA elite (US/Mexico) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? Do you know that Mexico is our 2nd largest source of oil? Do you ever dare to consider the billions dollars in dark money made by US banks laundering Mexican cartel profits?
Why do you think the Harvard elite in 2012 gave Mexican Drug War/NAFTA tyrant president Felipe Calderon a lucrative fellowship?
The writing in on the border wall. The bi-national elite do not give a damn about these undocumented people, their kids, or the US taxpayers who have to suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

Our national sovereignty has been traded for labor and border security profits. Blaming or attacking the undocumented does not address the root cause of this problem.

We live in a kleptocracy parading as a democracy. Part of that passing parade includes the illusionary major two parties of the system. Part of that problem includes ignorant Americans who can't see the truth that both "parties" are in fact two sides of the same coin.
By the way, I worked as a border patrol/ice agent for 26 years and have studied immigration issues for another 9 years in retirement. Never once in all my years did I believe that any administration was serious about effective border or interior enforcement. From the fraud of Reagan's amnesty to the huge increases of the undocumented resulting from Bush/Clinton's NAFTA -.this scam is all about profit from illegal labor, billions of dollars in bi-national elite trade and billions of dollars in tax payer funded border security boodle. Blaming one side or the other is all part of their scam that guarantees the failed and profitable status quo.

How does setting America's undocumented count back to zero via "immigration reform" solve the problem of illegal immigration? Wait! The Senate's S.744 calls for 46.3 billion more for border security! That will effectively solve illegal immigration right?
Isn't that what Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush W's 2003 creation of DHS promised?
I am starting to wonder if someone isn't making more money off decades of trying to fix the problem rather than actually solving it. Kind of like our 40+ year long war on drugs, no?

In case you haven't figured it out by now, it does not matter what you and 63% or 100% of Americans want. Illegal immigration and immigration reform are huge money makers for the rich running (and ruining) our country. In addition to that, Clinton's NAFTA has forged US trade and the US economy to Mexico's. Washington will not allow any effective border security to interfere with that. Read how Biden kisses the Mexican NAFTA elite's culos and promises to bring the undocumted out of the shadows (thereby enticing millions more to come).

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