Thursday, June 26, 2014

Washington handles immigration like some "B" movie plot

In response:

Washington handles immigration like some "B" movie with a "good immigration cop/bad immigration cop" plot. Keep everyone guessing, angry, confused and the predictable results are - the decades' old illegal immigration status quo grinds on.

Millions more undocumented will escape their home countries where US trade policies like NAFTA and CAFTA favor only the respective bi-national rich. Thousands more will die crossing the border as human life becomes said elites' cost of doing the nasty business of exchanging cheap labor for remittances.

Meanwhile Washington will continue to scam US taxpayers out of billions of dollars in planned ineffective border security. Kind of like the never-ending war on drugs, no? The 40+ year long war where simultaneously the "good" drug enforcement industrial complex and the "bad" drug cartel elite keep raking in the dark money and tax payers' dough.

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