We Petition The Obama Administration to:

Sanction The Mexican Government Until It Provides for Its Own Citizens

The Mexican Government does not provide a decent minimum living wage for its own citizens.
The current daily wage for Mexican workers in Mexico is about five dollars a day. That is $5.00 a day, not $5.00 per hour.
Undocumented Mexicans make up about one-half of all of the undocumented people currently living within the U.S. These good people would not come to the U.S. illegally or stay in the U.S. illegally if they could make a decent living wage working at home with their families in Mexico.
Many U.S. jobs held by Mexico's undocumented would free up for U.S. citizens if the Mexican Government would provide decent living wages for its own citizens at home.
Sanction the Mexican Government until it takes financial responsibility for its own citizens living in the U.S.
Created: Dec 02, 2011