Sunday, March 11, 2012

The World-wide Media - The Court of World-wide Opinion

I speak as a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.

Do you know that since 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon and the failed U.S. backed drug war in Mexico have left somewhere between 55,000 and 60,000 people dead there? Where is the outrage in the U.S.?

Do you ever wonder why we seldom if ever hear any U.S. politicians criticize the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican "government" for anything? Could it be that Mexican trade, oil, labor and drug profits are more important to U.S. politicians than the human rights and human lives of our neighbors to the South?

Is the corporate-corrupt 1% who runs our "government" in or on the same bed with the 1% cartel-corrupt who run the Mexican "government"?

I think so. We (the US taxpayers and the good citizens of Mexico) are being tag teamed raped by the bi-national 1% and their failed drug and immigration policies. Yet American voters swallow the 1%'s politicians' propaganda like some magic pill that will miraculously make the undocumented pay and be taken away.

There is a portion of the bi-national 1% who profit from the failed drug and immigration policies of both countries. If American voters don't wake up, smell the coffee and blame those who are really responsible, these problems will never end.

Why does the Mexican "government" happily export an entire sub-class of its citizens to the U.S.? Because said "government" does not have to provide for these people (the U.S. taxpayers will do that)! And don't forget the billions in remittances, billions in drug profits, and the millions in foreign aid that is yearly sent back into Mexico from the U.S.

Question: would the Mexican undocumented (who roughly make up 50% of the undocumented in the U.S.) come here or stay here if they had basic social services and a comparable living minimum wage working at home with their families?

We have been and are being lied to about these immigration and drug issues just as we have been lied to about the Iraq war, the mortgage meltdown, failed health care, and our failing economy.

I support the occupy movement in tackling the root of all of these problems: corporatism and greed in government. I support the good people of Mexico (both in Mexico and in the U.S.) who have been persecuted by this failed drug war (families of those murdered, kidnapped, raped, tortured, displaced, orphaned, or terrorized in any way). I support an organized occupy protest and asylum event on both sides of the border. Can you imagine the impact of tens of thousands (or even several million) drug war persecuted Mexicans simultaneously applying for asylum at the border and at ICE offices nationwide?

I hope that the good people of Mexico and their supporters can see beyond the 1% controlled immigration court system and its designed asylum case rejection rate.

Let the world-wide media coverage - the court of world-wide opinion, decide your cases. Put these two governments in a position to do the right thing. The exposure of this bi-national governmental greed and systemic abuse of the 99% will help set us all free.


  1. Could not have been exclaimed more beautifully. But, as with everything, what is the true solution? Yes, of course firstly, it would be to see the true leaders committing these atrocities for the convenience/comfort of wealth and power...but what is next? How to convince the entire country that these immigration scandals and such as mentioned above are just distractions. It's so difficult to convey the importance of looking beyond the public's own spectacles. Let alone for most to agree to a mass government reform movement. That might even hurt the country more than aide it, as then the government would be on the defense...even more. Right now they (gov) are probably just laughing at all the chaos and saying: "Oh they really think they are gettin' something done here!" So, I don't know about you, but I'm still stuck on trying to help people see who we should really be focusing on.

  2. Hi Francis,

    It finally came to me.