Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Washington's Very Predictable Immigration Give And Take Back - AKA "The Writing Is On The (Border) Wall"

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Washington's Very Predictable Immigration Give And Take Back AKA "The Writing Is On The (Border) Wall"

Here we go again. 

Tell me why all of the "aye " and "naysayers" who debate Washington's immigration actions (or lack thereof) never consider that said immigration debate/actions - created and controlled by Washington's immigration narrative - fail to address the actual causes of illegal immigration?

Brainwashing?  American Exceptionalism?  Ignorance?  Laziness? 

The actual causes of illegal immigration are:  corporate demands for undocumented labor, corporate demands for billions of US tax dollars in immigration and drug enforcement "border security boodle", NAFTA's foreign government's demands for remittances and illegal drug profits, NAFTA and CAFTA exacerbated poverty and a forty year "drug war" that has been going on so long that many Americans are not even aware of it.

Use your heads for god sakes and figure out what is really going on, not what they tell you is going on!  Do you think Washington couldn't "seal the border" if it wanted to?  Do you think Washington really wants to?  Really?

If you study Washington's illegal immigration history and look beyond its political immigration narrative you will discover that Washington's decades-old immigration "give and take",  and give and take back are designed to maintain the illegal immigration status quo:  undocumented laborers crossing continually not only for corporate labor demands but to fill corporate owned immigration jails at enormous costs to and profits from US taxpayers.        

Do you really think that Washigton's immigration profiteers really care about undocumented families being torn apart?  Or about the effects undocumented immigration has had and will continue to have - upon Americans?   How about the thousands more undocumented who will die while crossing the border in the future?  How about the innocent people on both sides of the border whose lives will continue to be sacrificed as the nature of Washington's immigration, drug war and NAFTA beasts includes and even calls for their deaths?

The writing is on the (border) wall.


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