Monday, January 18, 2016

Why The US War On Drugs Never Ends

There are huge sectors within the US Military Industrial Complex that garner huge profits from the never-ending US War On Drugs. 

Think of the DHS which has the largest police force in the world:

And our drug war budget?

Don't forget DHS' budget on immigration (illegal drugs and illegal immigration are two sides of the same corrupt coin):

Think of the US prison complex which has the largest prison population in the world:

What do other countries have to gain from our failed war on drugs?

NAFTA has bound the US and Mexican elite economically.  Would winning or stopping the War On Drugs destroy that relationship?;postID=4225470443017900348

Just as with military wars, there are US drug war industries (and their political allies) who have no vested interest in seeing either type of war stopped.  

Meanwhile, who suffers all of the costs and consequences of such madness?    


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