Wednesday, October 5, 2016

From Immigration Activist To Poet - The Haiku's of John Randolph

Hello all!
Since 2008 many people from all over the world have logged onto my blog.  Although the heartbreaking, global immigration nightmare has only gotten worse, I have shifted my focus or energy to writing Haikus, which deal with the problem on a personal  - rather than a governmental - level.  God bless you all.

Haiku #1  Profoundly In Love (In honor of Domainne Du Fan Retreat, Richard Moss 8/2016)
Oh how you move me
Bittersweet tears - open heart
Profoundly in love
Haiku #2 Behold!  Heart Beating

Behold! Heart beating
Life force presence through our veins
Giving and pausing

Haiku #3 Oh To Love One's Self
Oh to love one's self
Who is it who is seeking?
Feel - don't think - Being

Haiku #4  Day Born Silently
Day born silently
Cool breezes caress the face
Soft light touches eyes

Haiku #5 Fluffy Pillow Flight
Fluffy pillow flight
Faces, animals galore
The gods are watching

Haiku #6 Habitual Judging
Habitual judging
Feigning protection inside
Feel the opposite? !

Haiku #7  Love Is Choked By Thought
Judging constriction
Mental habit - closes heart
Love is choked by thought

Haiku #8 Grace Nudges Awake!
Self involvement - talk
Judgments of others - love blocks
Grace Nudges Awake!

Haiku #9 Reflections of Grace
Flowers bloom your light
Oh Lord - are we not the same?
Reflections of Grace

Haiku #10 Close Heart - Love Grows Dim
Close Eyes - movie runs
Close Mouth - chatter box - full on
Close heart - love grows dim

Haiku #11 Welcome Self Attack!
Welcome Self Attack!
Consciousness is key
Equally sacred

Haiku #12  Love Relationship
Love Relationship
Ego's Crucible of life
Burn to perfection

Haiku #13 A Lesson Not Taught In School
We are not our thoughts
A lesson not taught in school
Discover to know

Haiku #14 How Can We All Learn?
Taught - are we not all
Believe that (which they don't know)
How can we all learn?

Haiku#15 Nighttime Clouds Passing
Nighttime Clouds passing
Blessings for countries and homes
Guardians of peace

Haiku #16  A Heart Wide Open
May I go forth God
In your timing one request
A heart wide open!

Haiku #17  Go Divine Unknown!
That which makes me tick?
Life force calling! Ready, set
Go divine unknown!

Haiku #18  Positions of Hate
"You" stories, drama
"We" justify - recreate
Positions of hate

Haiku #19  Take The Time to Feel
Take the time to Feel
Feel what is inside of you
And beside you too

Haiku #20  A Warm Bath and Food
Wish all had a bed
A window to look out from
A warm bath and food

Haiku #21  Cherish Divine Gift
Dog spelled backwards God
Companionship, love, laughter
Cherish divine gift

Haiku #22 Stories About Pain
Stories about pain
Perpetuate pain inside
Avoiding closure

Haiku #23  Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Insane asylum
Inside head - Observe? Indulge?
Blah blah blah blah blah

Haiku #24  Distracted By Thoughts
Distracted by thoughts
How can I see you my love?
God - how can I feel?

Haiku #25  It Happens To All
Leaf turns yellow; falls
Each season - or - eighty five
It happens to all

Haiku #26  To Love and Feel Grace
To love and feel Grace
Is this not the only way dear?
To live and be free?

Haiku #27  Open hearts look - feel!
Hurtful thoughts looping
Grace is awareness and love
Open hearts look - feel!

Haiku #28. Those Willing to feel
Those willing to feel
A gift of transformation
Observe - disappear

Haiku #29  Observe Everything
Observe Everything
Thoughts, talk, felt experience
Act, react, God's love

Haiku #30  Lost and Unaware
Lost and unaware
Forgetting our state of grace
We wander in vain

Haiku #31  Living From The Past
Living from the past
Replaying as the present
Seeks resolution

Haiku #32 Remind All To See
Grace - our precious gift
Remind us of who we are
Remind all to see

Haiku #32  Like The Clouds Above
Like the clouds above -
Formations shifting; changing
Here - and then - not here

Haiku #33  Dare To Look - Dig Deep
And last - but not least
Loving ourselves - each other
Dare to look - dig deep

Haiku #34  Open Love Open
Teardrop forming, falls
From the depth of heart- it calls
Open love, open

Haiku #35  Early Morning World

Early morning world
Spacious, joyful awareness
Hear our hearts beating

Haiku #36 Look From Where They Come!

Breathing; hearts beating
To where do you go when done?
Look from where they come!

Haiku #37  Open There's More To See

Dreams - some worlds away
Cryptic themes - visit to say
Open - more to see

Haiku #38  Observe When It's Not
To feel God's presence   
Then miss this beautiful Grace
Observe when it's not

Haiku #39  You Are Not Thoughts  Love

Thinking of you Love
Void from experiencing
You are not thoughts Love

Haiku #40 In Honor of May May (Mary) Maynord

Childhood memories
Neighborhood families so dear
Lives honored;  cherished

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