Wednesday, October 5, 2016

From Immigration Activist To Poet - John Randolph

Hello all!
Since 2008 many people from all over the world have logged onto my blog.  Although the heartbreaking, global immigration nightmare has only gotten worse, I have shifted my focus or energy to writing Haikus, which deal with the problem on a personal  - rather than a governmental - level.  God bless you all.

Haiku #1  Profoundly In Love (In honor of Domainne Du Fan Retreat, Richard Moss 8/2016)
Oh how you move me
Bittersweet tears - open heart
Profoundly in love
Haiku #2 Behold!  Heart Beating

Behold! Heart beating
Life force presence through our veins
Giving and pausing

Haiku #3 Oh To Love One's Self
Oh to love one's self
Who is it who is seeking?
Feel - don't think - Being

Haiku #4  Day Born Silently
Day born silently
Cool breezes caress the face
Soft light touches eyes

Haiku #5 Fluffy Pillow Flight
Fluffy pillow flight
Faces, animals galore
The gods are watching

Haiku #6 Habitual Judging
Habitual judging
Feigning protection inside
Feel the opposite? !

Haiku #7  Love Is Choked By Thought
Judging constriction
Mental habit - closes heart
Love is choked by thought

Haiku #8 Grace Nudges Awake!
Self involvement - talk
Judgments of others - love blocks
Grace Nudges Awake!

Haiku #9 Reflections of Grace
Flowers bloom your light
Oh Lord - are we not the same?
Reflections of Grace

Haiku #10 Close Heart - Love Grows Dim
Close Eyes - movie runs
Close Mouth - chatter box - full on
Close heart - love grows dim

Haiku #11 Welcome Self Attack!
Welcome Self Attack!
Consciousness is key
Equally sacred

Haiku #12  Love Relationship
Love Relationship
Ego's Crucible of life
Burn to perfection

Haiku #13 A Lesson Not Taught In School
We are not our thoughts
A lesson not taught in school
Discover to know

Haiku #14 How Can We All Learn?
Taught - are we not all
Believe that (which they don't know)
How can we all learn?

Haiku#15 Nighttime Clouds Passing
Nighttime Clouds passing
Blessings for countries and homes
Guardians of peace

Haiku #16  A Heart Wide Open
May I go forth God
In your timing one request
A heart wide open!

Haiku #17  Go Divine Unknown!
That which makes me tick?
Life force calling! Ready, set
Go divine unknown!

Haiku #18  Positions of Hate
"You" stories, drama
"We" justify - recreate
Positions of hate

Haiku #19  Take The Time to Feel
Take the time to Feel
Feel what is inside of you
And beside you too

Haiku #20  A Warm Bath and Food
Wish all had a bed
A window to look out from
A warm bath and food

Haiku #21  Cherish Divine Gift
Dog spelled backwards God
Companionship, love, laughter
Cherish divine gift

Haiku #22 Stories About Pain
Stories about pain
Perpetuate pain inside
Avoiding closure

Haiku #23  Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Insane asylum
Inside head - Observe? Indulge?
Blah blah blah blah blah

Haiku #24  Distracted By Thoughts
Distracted by thoughts
How can I see you my love?
God - how can I feel?

Haiku #25  It Happens To All
Leaf turns yellow; falls
Each season - or - eighty five
It happens to all

Haiku #26  To Love and Feel Grace
To love and feel Grace
Is this not the only way dear?
To live and be free?

Haiku #27  Open hearts look - feel!
Hurtful thoughts looping
Grace is awareness and love
Open hearts look - feel!

Haiku #28. Those Willing to feel
Those willing to feel
A gift of transformation
Observe - disappear

Haiku #29  Observe Everything
Observe Everything
Thoughts, talk, felt experience
Act, react, God's love

Haiku #30  Lost and Unaware
Lost and unaware
Forgetting our state of grace
We wander in vain

Haiku #31  Living From The Past
Living from the past
Replaying as the present
Seeks resolution

Haiku #32 Remind All To See
Grace - our precious gift
Remind us of who we are
Remind all to see

Haiku #32  Like The Clouds Above
Like the clouds above -
Formations shifting; changing
Here - and then - not here

Haiku #33  Dare To Look - Dig Deep
And last - but not least
Loving ourselves - each other
Dare to look - dig deep

Haiku #34  Open Love Open
Teardrop forming, falls
From the depth of heart- it calls
Open love, open

Haiku #35  Early Morning World

Early morning world
Spacious, joyful awareness
Hear our hearts beating

Haiku #36 Look From Where They Come!

Breathing; hearts beating
To where do you go when done?
Look from where they come!

Haiku #37  Open There's More To See

Dreams - some worlds away
Cryptic themes - visit to say
Open - more to see

Haiku #38  Observe When It's Not
To feel God's presence   
Then miss this beautiful Grace
Observe when it's not

Haiku #39  You Are Not Thoughts  Love

Thinking of you Love
Void from experiencing
You are not thoughts Love

Haiku #40 In Honor of May May (Mary) Maynord

Childhood memories
Neighborhood families so dear
Lives honored;  cherished

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