Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of Promises - Little Change

Generally speaking, Republicans tout and wave the immigration enforcement flag and Democrats tout and wave the immigration compassion flag, while little if any true change happens. 

I think that the truth is that the elite super rich run both parties.  That elite and their Mexican counterparts profit from our failed immigration and drug policies. 

They profit from raping not only the good US taxpayers, but our good Mexican counterparts too.  

So around and around the political rhetoric and propaganda go.  I have watched this (and used to work in it) for some 35 years. 

Immigration reform is about our politicians making lots of promises and never quite fulfilling them.  Meanwhile, if you look deep enough into such issues as NAFTA, trade, oil, and drug profits, you can discover what the scam really is, and who is paying the price.

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