Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mexican Police Capture Top La Familia Drug Suspect

Is it possible that Calderon is using our tax dollars via Merida Funding in an attempt to wipe out cartel competition?

Isn't it interesting that our government weapons contractors arm Calderon, and our US gun manufactures help arm the cartels?     

Based upon no facts whatsoever, I believe that Calderon is on Chapo Guzman's quota.

I will stand corrected when and if Chapo is arrested and prosecuted. jajajajajjjjajjjjjaaaa

And Washington cheers Calderon while turning a blind eye to 40,000 dead, government corruption, and the massive civil rights violations of the Mexican military?

Mexican oil, trade, maquiladoras, labor, and drugs come before human life and US taxpayer's hard earned dinero.

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