Friday, January 20, 2012

Response to HP "More Than 1,600 Deportation Cases Set To Be Closed In Denver And Baltimore "

HP – please do detailed report of the process by which these 1,600 cases were closed.

My suspicion (as a retired US Border Patrol Agent) is that the government is using the process known as “administr­ative closure” in order to put these cases on hold on the back burner.

If this is true, this is yet another example a “smoke for votes” stunt pulled by the Obama Administra­tion.

HP-please get another qualified immigratio­n attorney to report on this process.

Here are my questions: Does the closing of these cases give these 1,600 people any real legal immigratio­n status? My guess is no.
Does this closure process give any of these people special work authorizat­ion? My guess is no.
Can a republican president come along and reopen all of these cases and deport these people? My guess is yes.

And a few more common sense questions for us lay people:
Will many of these undocument­ed people continue to work under the table or with fraudulent documents as they have most likely done since entering the country?
Is this real immigratio­n reform as promised by the campaignin­g Obama of 2008?
Are we not again getting raped by the 1% who run our government for their own profit?


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