Friday, January 27, 2012

State of the Union and the Mexican Drug War/OWS

In response to: OPPENHEIMER: Drug war left out of State of the Union

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Maybe Obama is afraid to upset the Mexican economic tea cart?  One billion dollars a day in trade crosses our mutual border daily.  Mexico is right up near the top in countries who provide oil to the US. 

Please Mr. President don’t you dare say anything that might upset American corporations who own and operate slave wage maquiladoras on the border.  Don’t mention the fact that you support the Mexican drug war.  You support it with money, equipment, manpower, and hundreds of thousands of US addicts too.

By the way, is there any possibility that US banks are profiting by laundering billions of dollars in cartel incomes?  You know those same banks that ripped off the middle class with their sub-prime chicanery?  Does the American Military Complex and the American gun industry profit from weapons sales (legal or not) to cartel thugs?

Did you notice that on May 10, 2011 President Obama did a pro-Latino speech standing on the Border in El Paso, Texas?  Do you think that President Obama did not know that he was speaking directly across from Ciudad Juarez, ground zero in the Mexican Drug war?   Fifty thousand people have died in this failing, continuous war and Obama does not mention it while standing right in front of it?

This drug war SOTU disgrace is very similar to President Obama failing to mention the Occupy Movement too.  The 99% of both countries are not only protesting about being financially raped by the 1%, but they are protesting people dying because of the 1%’s failed economic, drug, and immigration policies too.

And our President remains silent.

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