Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who Lost Mexico? Reponse to Moises Naim's article

The elite of both countries profit from both country's failed immigration and drug policies.  The middle class and poor of both countries pay the price.  

The elite of both countries profit from their own politicians' economic policies.  The middle class, the poor, and the environment of both countries pay the price.

Their immigration and drug enforcement systems are designed to be ineffective.  That is how they keep making their profit at our cost.

I have a plan that would throw such a huge monkey wrench in their immigration and drug war systems that they would have to change.  This plan would require voters to think and really question the motives that run  "our" government. 

But what the hell, let's have some peaceful, legal fun and watch them squirm.  Who knows, things could actually get better.  But we have to try something different.   

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