Thursday, May 26, 2011

Petras and Cockroft: Must Reads

The goal of the elite who run both the U.S. and Mexican governments is to increase their profit at the expense of the U.S. and Mexican working class and poor. 
Both abused groups are being raped by their respective elite and said elite's lust for greed.  Each country’s’ elite employ different methods to dominate and violate their prey. 

The Mexican elite use their narco terrorist thugs to carry out their mission. The American elite use fast talking politicians to carry out theirs.

The Mexican cartel method is very obvious, violently direct and designed to prey on their victims’ fear.  The American corporate method other is very cunning, hypnotically deceptive, and designed to prey on their victims’ ignorance.

Read if you dare, this article by James Petras:

Or this book “Mexico’s Revolution, Then and Now” by James D. Cockcroft discussed in this review below:

Stop this insane drug and immigration war.   

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