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Proposals for a National Pact (rough English Translation) June 10, 2011 Javier Sicilia Ciudad Juarez

Proposals for a National Pact

I. Reasons and urgency
In the national emergency, more than ever necessary to take urgent action to stop this war with its escalating violence and restore the social fabric and community.
This historic moment and deeply violent side is the result of economic and social structures of inequality and exclusion. Here reigns death, slow death caused by poverty, poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities for full development of our lives, and environmental destruction. This is a systemic violence where the most affected from the excluded, marginalized and Vulnerable in this society: women, youth, children, migrants, indigenous peoples.
This war is the result of the monopoly which is shaping the drug trafficking in our country through their transnational interconnections territories and imposing their rules of action to the Nation State, which entails the loss of the ability of governments to decide their course of economic policies and respond to the most disadvantaged groups, creating, at a time, "territories" without "government", where gangs vie for control of the transfer of drugs from Central and South America here to send the United States.
Thus, the drug war is a manifestation of international policies and agreements that placed Mexico as the battleground where the poor of this country and Central America, they pay a heavy toll of human lives for drugs to reach their destination and consolidation of big business.
Against this backdrop, the State has opted for a military strategy to confront organized crime and social protest, favoring a process of intensive and extensive militarization of public security, not only because of the widespread deployment of military forces in national territory but also by the growing presence of military commanders in the direction of the civil police, currently 500 members of the Army, from generals to soldiers, are licensed to hold office in state and municipal police forces across the country. Advancing the primacy of the military logic of civil logic in many areas of national life.
Result of this strategy that places at the center of a violent confrontation, is a civil war which killed Mexicans Mexicans, generating 40 000 executions in six years so far. Only last month, in April, there were 1427 murders, considering the bodies found in the narcofosas. Civilian casualties are counted and by thousands across the country: more than 230 thousand people displaced, 10 000 orphans (the Redim estimated 30, 000, although not an official figure), 10 000 kidnappings of migrants, more than 30 mayors killed.
In addition to these funds, this strategy, and diversification of criminal activity, have impacted the social lives of many people, victims of kidnapping, extortion, kidnapping, trafficking in persons, femicide, forced recruitment of young people in communities urban and rural areas that remain under control economic, social and political development of the violent groups.
Particularly concerned that the sector most vulnerable youth has been stigmatized and criminalized under the category of "Ninis" 7 million young people in the country, without acknowledging that this condition is caused by the acts and omissions of the Mexican government by denying conditions of access to education and decent work. It is the responsibility of central government, economic, social, educational and urban areas that generate exclusion, breakdown of family ties, tearing the social fabric, these policies are responsible for the generation of "Ninis". There are thousands of young people and children without education or employment to survive have no choice but to join the ranks of the army through military service or cooperating with drug traffickers, so be killed or imprisoned, it is thousands of adolescents in the army, thousands in prisons, and thousands in the tombs.
Government attempts to attack the problem from other forms of insecurity, as the program implemented Juarez Todos Somos last fifteen months, have failed in the eyes of the public. It has sought money to replace the requirement of justice. It was an attempt to contain public outrage with work and the pain of an injured and vulnerable communities. Has benefited a handful of builders and has not attacked the social roots of violence. It has also generated perverse effects because it hinders the autonomous organization of society and where it implants is done without taking into account the dynamics of the actors, initiatives and local conflict.
A key component that explains the escalation of violence and war is the enormous corruption and infiltration in the State at all levels: federal, state and municipal levels. According to data made public by experts, over 70% of municipal governments are under pressure from organized crime, by threat, or corruption of officials.
Impunity is one of the factors that determine what happens in the country today: the 98.3% of all crimes go unpunished. We have a system of law enforcement and the administration's failure to investigate and punish those who commit crimes and violation of rights.
The deterioration of democratic institutions in Mexico is reflected in the human rights situation in the country increased sixfold the human rights violations committed by security forces, among these, many cases of extrajudicial killings, torture, rape, disappearances and arbitrary detentions. Simultaneously there has been a process of regression in human rights both for the exercise of freedoms, such as social rights, particularly labor, the collective rights of communities over their territories and natural resources and the criminalization of social protest and harassment of rights defenders.
The impact on daily lives of individuals and communities have a profound process of fragmentation of the social fabric, feelings of powerlessness and helplessness against the inability to obtain justice and protection, fear, guilt, anger and uncertainty about the reality despair and reversal of the visions of the future.
II. Common vision with minimum requirements and commitments
At this time of national emergency, the nation must be built on a pluralistic and inclusive, bottom and between each and all, to promote fundamental changes to recover the ground that unites us and enables social interaction.
We propose to society and raises the need and mandate to the authorities, achieving short and medium term to initiate a new path of peace with justice and dignity:
1 - We demand truth and justice.
A. It should clarify and solve the killings, disappearances, kidnappings, mass graves, human trafficking and all crimes they have wronged society, through transparent and effective investigation, prosecution and administration of justice, the prosecution of the perpetrators and materials, including networks of complicity and failure of the authorities. Determining the identity of all victims of homicide is a prerequisite for building trust.
B. We urge state and federal authorities as a sign of the operating capacity of the State, public order to submit a maximum of 3 months, the intellectual and material authors of some of the landmark cases that have wronged society as:
  • Reyes family: Josefina Reyes Salazar, Maria Magdalena Reyes Salazar, Elias Reyes Salazar, Luisa Ornelas Soto (wife of Elijah), Julio Cesar Reyes Reyes, Ruben Reyes Salazar (brother)
  • Marisela Escobedo and his daughter Ruby
  • Susana Chavez
  • Betty Love and Jiri Jaakola
  • girls and children in the nursery ABC:
María Magdalena García Millán
Nicole Andrea Figueroa
Fraijo Emilia Navarro
Valeria Muñoz Ramos
Sofia Martinez Robles
Sofia Moreno Fátima Escalante
Yesenia Blanco Dafne Losoya
Ruth Pacheco Nahomi Madrid
Denisse Alejandra Figueroa Ortiz
Lucia Guadalupe Carrillo Campos
Jasmine Ruiz Pamela Tapia
Camila Fuentes Cervera
Ana Paula Acosta Jimenez
Montserrat Pérez Granados
Pauleth Padilla Daniela Coronado
Ariadna Aragón Valenzuela
Maria Fernanda Miranda Hughes
Yoselin Trujillo Valentina Tamayo
Marian Hughes Ximena Mendoza
Daniel Esteban Gonzalez Nayeli
Ximena Madrid Yanes
Nahomi Yeseli Baceli Meza
Ian Isaac Martinez Valle
Corona Santiago Carranza
Axel Abraham Cazares Angulo
Angel Javier Valdez Merancio
Andres Alonso García Duarte
Alan Carlos Santos Martinez
Raymundo Martin Armenta Cross
Márquez Julio César Báez
Jesus Valdez Julian Rivera
Santiago de Jesús Zavala Slogans
Daniel Alberto Cabanillas Gayzueta
Emmanuel Rodríguez García Xiunelth
Dreneth Aquiles Hernández Márquez
Daniel Rafael Navarro Valenzuela
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Othón
Vázquez León Paul Germain
Bryan Alexander Méndez García
Jesús Antonio López Chambert
Denzel Durazo Luis López
Give Omar Contreras Valenzuela
Jesus de los Reyes Jonathan Luna
Guadalupe Emily Cevallos Badilla
Juan Israel Fernández Lara
Jorge Sebastian Gonzalez Carrillo
Ximena Alvarez Cota
Guadalupe Reyes Daniela Carretas
Juan Carlos Rascon Holguín
  • Le Baron family: Eric Le Baron, Benjamin Le Baron, Luis Widmar Stubbs
  • Villas young Salvarcar:
Marcos Piña Dávila
Jose Luis Piña Dávila
Cadena Rodrigo Davila
Juan Carlos Medrano
Horacio Alberto Soto Camargo
José Luis Aguilar Camargo
Aurora Delgado Yomira
Brenda Escamilla Ivonne Hernandez Jose Adrian Encino
Edgar Martínez Díaz
Jesus Enriquez
Jesus Armando Segovia Ortiz
Carlos Lucio Moreno
Eduardo Becerra
Jaime Rosales
  • Morelos youth: Juan Francisco Sicilia, Luis Romero, Julio Romero, Gabriel Alejos, Alvaro Jaime and Socorro Estrada.

C. We call on civil society to save the memory of victims of violence, not olividar and demand justice, placing in each square or public space plates with the names of the victims.
2 - We demand an end to the war strategy and take an approach to security.
A. You must change the militaristic approach and strategy of war for public safety and assume a new public safety strategy, focusing on human rights, to avoid military involvement in police work, to advance an alternative security model based on rebuilding the social fabric and community experiences to recover the self-management and citizen participation in the colonies, neighborhoods and housing units.
BI demand that, within two months, the local Congress approved a constitutional reform in human rights and is published to give full effect, and at the same time the mechanism is instituted to protect journalists and human rights defenders.
B. II Demand that pass laws or rules that violate the human rights and individual guarantees under the concept of national security, and not approving the proposed amendments to the opinion of the National Security Act. Laws are adopted consensus with human rights organizations and civil society with a democratic approach and respect for human rights.
C. We call on civil society to organize a "National" from the experiences of public safety and citizen advocacy and community self-management, which already exist in the country, to collectively reflect citizens about alternatives and how to rebuild the social fabric communities, neighborhoods and from knowing how to diagnose and take the crime in each region and how to stop it.
3 - We demand to combat corruption and impunity.
A. It requires a comprehensive reform in the procurement and administration of justice which ensures that real autonomy to the Public Ministry and the judiciary, to establish citizen oversight of the police and security forces, progress in reforming the systems trials and extablezca more effective to reduce judicial discretion in the procedures and substantive resolutions. Justice can not continue to serve political interests and calculations. Legislation is also required to generate the capacity and powers of investigation and appropriation of public officials of the three branches of government corruption.
B. We demand that, up to 6 months, Congress removed the immunity of legislators and officials from the three levels of government on corruption, ordinary crimes and organized crime.
4 - We demand to fight the root economic and the proceeds of crime
A. Crime and violence is its engine profits from drug trafficking, kidnapping, trafficking, extortion, selling "protection" and other offenses after resources reinjected into the economy through money laundering. We demand a frontal combat money laundering and assets of criminals by creating autonomous units of equity research in coordination with the Federal Financial Intelligence Unit, which automatically collect material evidence to press charges and sentencing for the acts of racketeering .
B. We require the submission of a Report to the Nation on the results of equity research and money laundering, showing the most notorious cases that have been sanctioned by this administration and the progress in the integration of research units laundering money from the 32 states and federal.
C. We call on citizens to denounce the notorious cases of ill-gotten wealth and money laundering, as well as cases of infiltration of organized crime resources in political campaigns and businesses.
5 - demand for emergency care to youth and effective action for recovery of the social fabric.
A. Public safety will not be solved with guns and violence. We demand economic and social policy that creates real opportunities for education, health, culture and youth employment, and they are the main victims of this strategy. We demand the recovery of public education and break the corporate control exercised by the SNTE leadership on education policy and the immediate increase in resources for public safety social actions, at least in the same proportion of for military and public safety
B-We demand that in the next 3 months to establish a special program of national emergency and youth to invest budget priorities, ensuring at least the same as safety goes to school construction and increased enrollment in secondary education, secondary and higher education, a universal system of scholarships for high school students, EMS and upper schools, as well as resources for cultural projects, sports, productive and social studies by young people themselves and their organizations, as actors rebuilding the social fabric of their neighborhoods, communities and residential units.
6 - We demand participatory democracy more representative democracy and democratization in the media.
  1. Security requires democracy and new means of participation. We demand to expand the means and instruments of citizen participation in governance through institutional recognition of the popular consultation, independent candidates, the revocation of the mandate, of a social and collective action.
It requires a government policy on telecommunications to break in the shortest time possible, monopolies and create a broad democratization and openness, not only the competition but to strengthen the public media.
  1. We urge the House of Representatives in a special session no later than two months to approve the constitutional political reform bill passed by the Senate provides the referendum, legislative initiative, independent candidates and immediate re-election of legislators and mayors.
B.. I. We demand that regulatory legislation for political reform consider a wide consultation and participation that includes the recall and the reduction of political party financing, and to resume the outstanding issues regarding the law of class actions avoiding restrictions and reverse, and the approval of the Federal Telecommunications Act and audiovisual content proposed by civil society and legislators from various parties.
III. To start the journey
These proposals seek to trigger a new existence and a new basis for the law, are the beginning of a journey, not an end.
We propose two times to achieve this: a compact city between members of civil society and in a second time, a number of approaches and mandates, requirements to the rulers, leaders of political parties and power factors.
This moment requires the participation of everyone, the Covenant of civil society implies an effort of unity and organization of national civil society, to have a voice and actions to stop this war and social violence, corruption and Impunity is destroying us as individuals and as a nation. We must stop the apathy, the complaint, paternalism, sectarian views, to actively join with a new responsibility to participate in public affairs.
This is an invitation, on the one hand, the civil society to organize and unite in demands and fundamental pillars of struggle to stop the war. On the other hand, this unit can make a site to the highest authorities and accountable to the nation to require them to publicly pledge to build some basic actions in order to start building a real peace with justice and dignity in Mexico Now This is not to sit with the authorities responsible for this national emergency on the same platform and take pictures.
On June 10 we will meet in Juarez with Verification and Punishment committees that set national civil society at this time with specialists and honorable people for each of the 6 points.
Civil society will carefully monitor the performance of their requirements and establish the consequences of sanctions are required if not satisfied. All and all we will witness the real commitment of these actors, and verify that meet each point.
These committees will be created and Punishment Civil Verification for each point, which will assess the very real commitment and performance, and if you do not accept the demands or make speeches and do not comply, will be established with civil society the actions of peaceful civil resistance and for achieving compliance with this "floor" minimum we consider for reconstruction of the nation.
During this period until 10 June, the committees, with input from the rest of civil society, will specify in more detail the actions for each requirement. We invite all citizens, communities, neighborhoods, neighborhoods, workplaces, to contribute to this discussion and build "spaces of national reflection and collective action" permanent. We need to strengthen and draw attention to regional issues, articulated in reflection and local and national actions to promote at all times working memory and central participation of all victims of this process of war waged in our name without our consent.
With the civil pact will establish a citizen mandate and demand precise answer to the owners of the Federal Executive and State Executive, the national presidents of political parties and the coordinators of the fractions in the Congress, the representatives of the Judiciary as well as corporate and financial sectors, trade unions, churches and social organizations.
We also call on our compatriots who live there and the people of the United States to support our movement and demand the government and the U.S. Congress to stop the flow of arms into Mexico and money laundering. Let us join our voices on both sides of the border to demand peace and stop the drug trade and crime that destroy lives on both sides of the border.
Let us walk together and to build together NOW! a Mexico in peace with justice and dignity.
We are back to the dam! Stop the war! For a just and peaceful Mexico!
May 8, 2011

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