Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bi-National Greed of the Mexican and American 1%

Why do we seldom if ever hear any US politicians blame the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government for its contribution to US problems with the undocumented? Common sense tells me that the Mexican undocumented would not come here or stay here if they could make a living wage working safely at home with their families.

The good people of Mexico have always been beleaguered by the Mexican caste system, or the inequality of the "haves verses the have nots".

American voters do not see how the greed of both the Mexican and American 1% contributes to this crisis which rapes not only good American taxpayers but the Mexican poor too.

The big picture includes the bi-national 1%'s profits from Mexican oil, trade, NAFTA, drugs and labor. By the way, don't forget the US backed Mexican drug war that has left over 40,000 people dead since 2006. The US military industrial complex and US arms manufacturers continue to profit from that failed nightmare.

Elite US profiteers use political propaganda to blame the undocumented for "invading" the US. Yet the Occupy Wall Street movement is revealing who the real invaders of the US are.

I invite all of the Mexican undocumented within the US to join OWS. google two pesos blog
Thursday, November 10, 2011 8:54:44 AM

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