Friday, November 25, 2011

Educate Yourself About OWS

OWS Info Links is the unofficial de facto online resource for the growing occupation movement happening on Wall Street and around the world. definition of OWS:
Learning About OWS:  The New York Times:
Charlie Rose “A Discussion About Occupy Wall Street”
Michael Moore Writes OWS
Ralph Nader talks OWS:
Bill Moyers Writes and Talks:  Corrupt Politicians and Money
Bernie Sanders -The First US Senator to Support Occupy Wall Street
Robert Scheer:  Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed

Sarah van Gelder
Senator Dennis Kucinich
Michael Kieschnick – 10 Ways to Support OWS
Chris Hedges:  This One Could Take Them All Down
Chris Hedges:  Why The Elites Are in Trouble
Washington Post:  Why the Occupy Wall Street protests tell us about the limits of democracy.
The truth of the 2008 Financial Meltdown PBS “The Warning”
Three recent stories from 60 Minutes revealing Government Corruption and Influence
60 Minutes “The Pledge”  Grover Norquist’s Hold on the GOP
60 Minutes:  Jack Abramoff, The Lobbyist’s Playbook
60 Minutes:  Steve Kroft questions Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Insider Trading

60 Minutes:  Steve Kroft:  Prosecuting Wall Street
Banking and Corruption 
Bloomberg News - Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks 13 Billion

Professor James Petras:  Latin America: Growth, Stability and Inequalities: Lessons for the US and EU

Richard (RJ) Eskow “The New War of Independence:  Against Corporate Politics”
And, for a little humor on the f#&^%! mess:  Jon Stuart
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