Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Bi-National 1% Profit From Our Ignorance

How can two “democratic” countries who claim to be friendly neighbors allow these conditions causing these shootings to continue?

Did you notice that neither government will even begin to admit any responsibility for the part it plays in this border madness?

Ninety - eight per cent of the posters here will automatically blame either the rock throwers or the agents and will never look for a deeper cause. It is this type of ignorance that perpetuates the problem because this can never be solved until the underlying causes are understood.

The fact is the bi-national 1% who profit from this insane border status quo do not want us to understand the true nature of the problem.

The 1% in Mexico “exports” their poor and their corresponding social responsibilities in exchange for billions of dollars in remittances sent back home. The US 1% gladly “imports” those poor to profit from their cheap labor. Meanwhile, US taxpayers foot the bills for the undocumenteds' medical and educational costs while simultaneously losing jobs to these same undocumented.

Throw in ungodly profits from illegal drugs, weapons, privatized prisons, bi-national trade, oil, and border militarization and one starts to get a glimpse of why neither government cares to resolve the border status quo.

Greed from bi-national profit is more important to the 1% than human life itself. And that 1% remains ecstatic because their politicians’ rhetoric and propaganda hide their insidious motives.

It is up to us to fix this.

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