Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Is The Bi-national 99% Outrage?

In Response:

The blame for this goes right back to the bi-national 1% run governments who not only create this border madness, but profit from it too.

They are the ones who pay 65 cents per hour on the Mexican side so that undocumented labors will deport themselves to work on the US side to survive. They are the ones who gleefully watch as those same undocumented turn around and send some $25 billion annually back home in remittances. Pretty snappy for the Mexican elite as they have a welfare system that costs them absolutely zero.

They are the ones who profit from illegal drug and weapons sales. They are the ones who profit from some $1.25 billion per day in cross border trade while some 50% of the Mexican population lives in poverty. They are the ones who profit from the Border Militarization and privatized prison complexes.

The are the ones who sit back and laugh as US taxpayers foot the bills and suffer the consequences of their loss of jobs and overcrowded schools and emergency rooms.

Where is the bi-national outrage from the good people (the 99%) on both sides of the border?

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