Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who Will Pick Our Apples?

In Response:, an NPR article about a shortage of workers in Washington State's apple industry.   

This is the trickle down effect of two 1% run governments (US and Mexico). Their propaganda and "war against terrorist invaders" swoops down to engulf the undocumented who traditionally come to harvest our food for us too.

How else to maintain profit abusing a sub-class of laborers? The Mexican 1% exports their own poor so that the US 1% can capitalize on their cheap labor. In exchange, the Mexican 1% happily sees billions in remittances sent back to Mexico which goes to support the families of those exported (who the Mexican 1% chooses to ignore too).

God forbid giving these people adequate pay and work visas because that type of rational thinking could effect the bi-national 1%'s bottom line.

The US 1% profits from undocumented labor while normal US taxpayers foot the bills for the undocumented's medical and educational expenses. In addition US citizens lose jobs and in many cases lose their quality of life in this scam.

Meanwhile, the 1.25 billion in daily cross border trade thrives for the elite. Our endless need for Mexican oil and drugs only begins to satisfy the bi-national 1%'s thirst for greed.

We seldom here any US 1% owned politicians criticize the Mexican government for anything. Yet would Mexican workers come or stay in the US if they could make a comparable living wage working at home with their families?

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