Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bi-National US/Mexico Border March - "No To Trump's Wall Of Shame and Fear"

Inspired by the Women's March on Washington

The time has come for the hardworking, wonderful people of both the US and Mexico and the world to stand up to Washington's and Mexico's failed immigration  policies.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Trump's plan to build a multi-billion dollar border wall.

Billions of dollars that could be used to help solve the very poverty that drives illegal immigration.

More walls, more agents, more border deaths, more drug related murders, more murders in the US interior by undocumented criminals, more poverty, more hatred, more illegal immigration, more illegal drugs - and more of the two government's same failed narratives and policies.

MOST OF ALL - more profit for the bi-national, neo-liberal elite;  profit from bi-national corporate trade, cheap labor, the expansion of the US border enforcement/drug enforcement industrial complexes, more remittances and the continuation of Washington's 40 year long failed war on drugs.

Profit that does not trickle down to Mexico's or America's poor.  Profit that precludes any hopes of prosperity for the same.

Shutting down the border will make the bi-national 1% bleed green - the only color they can relate to;  the only color that will get their attention.

Profit that guarantees the continuation of poverty and illegal immigration.  Profit that guarantees the continued decline of the US middle and poor classes.

How many more people on both sides of the border will have to die before these two governments come to their senses? 

No.  No to Trump's Wall of Hate and Shame!

Please stand by for further details of this March TBA.

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent.



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