Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump, Peña Nieto And Washington Play Both Countries And The World As Border Wall Fools

Remember the old saying "You can't get to there from here"?

Trump and his cronies are going to build a "beautiful" wall and hire more agents which he claims will finally stop illegal immigration and illegal drugs from Mexico.

Peña Nieto has to defend Mexico's honor.  The World looks on in horror.

Wow.   Where have I heard and seen that song and dance before. 

I guess the one that is already there isn't Trump beautiful or long enough. 

I am a retired US Border Patrol/ICE Agent who had twenty-six years of service.  It took me some eight years in retirement to "get my head around" our illegal immigration and drug war nightmares and Washington's never ending, insidious narratives of the same.

The causes of Mexican illegal immigration are primarily home country poverty and (to a lesser extent) the US drug war.

Of course the bi-national elite won't discuss the poverty that their own greed produces in both countries.  And neither government will really listen to its own citizens.

Tell me why Trump gets all puffed up about his border wall and how Mexico WILL pay for it instead of addressing and working with not only congress, but Mexico in order to solve the poverty that causes illegal immigration?

Someone once said we have to follow the money.  And in the case of illegal immigration and the drug war we have to do the same.      

The cause of poverty in Mexico (Central American etc.) and the resulting illegal immigration to the US is the continual growth in the disparity of wealth in all countries (oligarchies) involved. 

Think of the billions of dollars made from cheap labor, from remittances sent back home, from illegal drug profits, from all of the tax dollars poured into the drug, border and prison enforcement industries (which as you should note never quite get the job done) and the politicians who base their decade's long careers on fighting these never ending fights.  Oh - did I forget to mention the corporations and their trade programs such as NAFTA that actually exacerbate the very disparity in wealth and poverty that are the root cause of these problems?

In other words, the rich keep getting richer at the expense of the poor and middle classes in both countries.  The undocumented will keep coming and America's middle class will continue to suffer the costs and consequences as both the Mexican and American oligarchs rip of their own citizens. 

The poor will keep coming no matter how high the wall is or the number of agents on the line.

Again - it's all about profit.  Think about it.  Haven't both these problems continued and increased for at least the last four decades?

Think about how much money a typical Mexican worker makes working an eight hour day in Mexico.  Just shy of $4.00 a day - NOT AN HOUR.  And the prices of gas and food in Mexican border towns are equivalent or even higher than ours.

Think about the thousands of illegal workers here in the US who are hired by Americans and are paid under the table. 

Last of all - think about the last four decades;  the tens of thousands of drug war and poverty related deaths in Mexico;  the hundreds of criminal undocumented caused deaths here in the US;  the one trillion drug war tax dollars wasted and the our largest prison population on earth;  think of the Dreamers who Trump threatens and the suffering this causes.  All are the results of not only Trump's but Washington's insidious enforcement-for-profit mentality as the answer to US immigration, drug and border problems.

Trump's border wall is more of the same.  A charade that most Americans can't or won't see through.


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