Thursday, January 19, 2017

Protest Trump's Threats To Mexico And Deportations By Shutting Down A US Port Of Entry Or Two

I have been saying this for years. 

If you want to get the world's attention about illegal immigration, organize bi-national (US/Mexico) demonstrations and shut the southern border down at a couple of the larger ports of entry.

Or if you can, shut all the ports of entry down. 

Use your imaginations.  Have enough people to completely shut down traffic going north and south. 

Peacefully flood all the lanes with hundreds or thousands of people.  Sit down. Lie down.  Clog the machinery.  Get the world's attention.

Keep doing this until one or both of the governments come to their senses.

Money is the only thing either of these two corrupt governments understand.  So get their attention by stopping the flow of cars and trucks which means the flow of goods for sale/trade, and labor.

This may be the perfect time.  The unrest on both sides of the border.  The poverty on both sides.  The recent DAPL protests. 

The extreme dissatisfaction of citizens on both side of the border with the threats of Trump.  Oh and don't forget Pena Nieto.

Let me know.  I will come join in.