Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The US and Mexican Elite Have Normalized The Profitization Of Illegal Immigration

The US and Mexican Elite Have Normalized The Profitization Of Illegal Immigration

It's all about the haves and the have-nots.  Or how the "haves" will get more, and the "have-nots" will get less.     

For decades now the elite who run both the US and Mexican governments have rigged their economic plans in order to simultaneously exploit the Mexican undocumented AND the US middle class.

Check out the disparity of wealth in Mexico:

And in the US:

And in the world:

I knew something was totally screwy when I was a US Border Patrol Agent.  We worked in Carlsbad, CA.  We chased field workers around and around.  Most of the workers were from Oaxaca, Mexico.  They picked our tomatoes and strawberries and we were paid to arrest them and take them back to Mexico via Tijuana.  The majority of them made it back in a day or so.

Twenty six years of service later (seven with the USBP and nineteen with INS investigations/ICE) and twelve years in retirement and I still struggle with the "whys".  Especially now when I see Donald Trump say he is going to build his wall and fix the problems of not only illegal immigration but illegal drugs coming from Mexico.

I know many people in the US are rightfully angry and fearful about illegal immigration.  I also know many who see Washington's forty year long drug war as a total failure.

My brother is one of them.  He has witnessed our small town of San Jacinto CA turn into something that resembles a Mexican border town.  Our small town is not only filled with undocumented people, it is filled with Hispanic and Black gangbangers too. 

So my brother lives with the gun shots ringing at night and a police helicopter flying above his and his wife's home.  The same house that we grew up in. 

He walks downtown on the same streets that we rode our bikes on as kids.  The majority of the downtown stores' signs are now in Spanish, not English.  He sees homeless people and drug addicts wandering the streets.  He wonders how all of this happened.

My brother is the face of America who elected Donald Trump.  They elected Donald Trump because of Trump's promise to build a border wall, stop illegal immigration, stop illegal drugs and make America great again.  They elected Donald Trump because they are done with the Democrat's empty promises and useless narratives about immigration reform.

I understand my brother's dismay.  With that said, I combine my own experience from working as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent with a view that illegal immigration is a symptom of something much more insidious.

I see the influx of the undocumented (especially after NAFTA) as the planned economic exploitation of  these cheap laborers in conjunction with their medical and educational costs being passed along to the American middle class.  Of  course the Wall Street created Mortgage Meltdown of 2008 exacerbated much of with my brother sees and lives in.  Yet the presence of the undocumented in the US and the downsizing of the American middle class are simply the bi-national elite's "costs of doing business" i.e. the business of getting rich.

See more:

In the final analysis both groups are the victims of the greed and immigration ineffectiveness of both elite-run governments.

So is Trump's border wall and "Put America First" the solution to my brother's problem? 

I - at this point in my life - say "no".  I say no because Trump's solution does not recognize the actual cause of the problem.   Illegal immigration, a symptom of the bi-national elite's continuous greed, has been normalized to be held as a problem that causes itself.  Hence the immigration narratives of America's and Mexico's politicians never address their masters' greed as the cause of poverty that in turn causes illegal immigration.  

How does their greed turn into profit?  Primarily the Mexican elite export their own poor in order to receive back into Mexico billions of dollars in remittances.

Kind of like a welfare system in which the undocumented support their own poor families back home by working in the US.  Additionally the Mexican government does not have to provide health care and schooling for millions of its own citizens.  We The People do. 

By the way, the same corrupt Mexican elite pulls off a very similar, insidious export/import scam with the production and distribution of illegal drugs.  The cartel run government clandestinely exports drugs and billions flow back south into their pockets.

It is the same strategy - only using a different commodity.  And if any of you can't imagine Mexico's government being that corrupt you need to think again.

How does the US elite turn their greed into profit?  Primarily through the Mexican undocumented providing cheap laborer to US corporations.   I used to work for ICE and I know their employer sanctions efforts are totally ineffective.  I think that that ineffectiveness is by design. 

Meanwhile the US middle class suffers all of the costs and consequences of said "export/importation".   Do you think the "bubbles" that our millionaire politicians live in contain overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and overcrowded school rooms like those in my brother's area?  Do these millionaires see the demographics of their small towns being unfairly changed by this "export/importation"?  Do these millionaires have to worry about drug addicts or mentally ill criminals burglarizing their homes?  Or the loss in value of their homes due to this influx?

Speaking of greed and profit, look at the ever increasing budgets of the entire US immigration and drug enforcement complexes.  Billions of US tax dollars annually poured into the largest police and prison systems in the world.   Not unlike the US military industrial complex which produces the most weapons and therefore the most wars in the entire world.

These industries are dependent upon the Mexican elite's "exportation" of undocumented people and illegal drugs.  They are also dependent upon the our foreign wars against terrorism too.    

We must also become aware of their propaganda strategies.

For the "build the wall" industries it is "those murdering, raping illegal aliens, Mexicans and drug cartel thugs".  For the US war machine it is the lies of our own government such as those about WMD's in Iraq.  It is alto the fear creating/stereotyping/marginalizing labels such as "those Mid-Eastern radical Muslim terrorists" who must be banned from the US. 

Ban Muslims.  Build Trump's Wall.  Build an oil pipeline that endangers American Indian's sources of water and sacred land.  It's all for the elite's economic and military security at the expense of "We The People" in our "land of the free".

From my experience as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent if the Mexican poor have no hope of prosperity  they will keep coming to the US.  Remember, the approximate minimum wage in Mexico today - for an eight hour day of labor - is equivalent to about four US dollars (four US dollars a day). 

As long as the Mexican elite does not provide for its own people the Mexican undocumented will keep coming.  As long as the US elite dangles the labor and immigration reform carrots out in front of the Mexican undocumented  - they will keep coming.

As long as the politicians of this bi-national elite profit from this twisted and failed immigration status quo - the Mexican undocumented (and others) will keep coming. 

AND as long as this nightmare continues the American middle class will continue to foot the bills. 

And last - but horribly not least - undocumented people will continue to die crossing the border.

Criminal aliens will continue to commit murders in the US.   And more world refugees will die as a result of US military actions around the world.

As long as Washington's narratives demand that the undocumented and Muslims are the cause, rather than symptoms of  more treacherous problems - our illegal immigration problems will never be solved.

And how the US elite gets away with profiting from not solving problems is beyond me.

I ask that you educate yourselves so that you know what the actual problems are.  Only then will we have a chance at solving them.

Finally, I do not know what Trump is up to.  Check out this article which claims Trump threatened  Mexican President Pena Nieto with US troops going into Mexico.
Trump is a madman.  He needs to be kicked out of office.



  1. your analysis is best I have ever read on illegal immigration, and have forwarded it on to many.
    thank you!

  2. Thank you. It isn't perfect and I think it points in the right direction. If Trump completes the wall and adds more agents this never-ending nightmare will become even darker. Some undocumented will still make it through and more unfortunate souls will still die in the process.