Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump's "Ending Mexican Illegal Immigration And Illegal Drugs" Rhetoric - Empty Promises

Isn't it interesting how Trump's and Washington's illegal immigration/drug war narratives do not include poverty as the principal cause of these problems?

I tell you "We The People" are being played like fools.

Political careers are made off of these decades' old narratives. The truth? The 1%'s corporations profit off of the labor of undocumented workers (as did at least one of Trump's billionaire political cabinet nominees). Think of all of the jobs and enormous budgets required to run not only the border/interior enforcement industries, but those of America's failed 40 year long drug war too. Think of all of the prison budgets. Think of all of the police departments nation wide with their narcotic squads' budgets.

Then there is the Mexican elite's part in this too. Billions of dollars in remittances send home every year as a form of welfare for their poor. Meanwhile the US middle class foots the medical and educational bills for the same and suffers the unfair demographic changes to their towns.

Anyone who thinks that the corrupt Mexican government does not cash in on the billions of dollars made off of illegal drug sales needs to think again. Shamefully most Americans are not aware of how many innocent Mexican citizens have been slaughtered since 2006 (200K) when then President Felipe Calderon used the Mexican military (the largest cartel of them all) to wipe out other cartel competition.

And how did Washington reward their NAFTA conspirator Calderon for the havoc he created in Mexico? How about a fellowship at Harvard University with speaking gigs at 100K a pop.

Do you ever hear any criticism of Mexico's corporate-cartel run government by US politicians? How about the ongoing civil rights violations and murders of Mexican journalists? Do you ever hear of any of them suggesting that poverty (which NAFTA exacerbated on both sides of the fence) should be included in trade and financial aid negotiations with the Mexican government?

So all of us who listen to FOX and CNN - we are being hosed by these border wall, drug war, illegal immigration promises. I say that as a retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent. Instead of Trump trying to bully Pena Nieto into paying for the wall he should be negotiating with the Mexican elite about how they are going to provide a living wage for their own citizens.

As far as the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government and the elimination of organized crime in Mexico? The only hope for the cleaning of either that swamp or the one in Washington is the removal of the influence of the moneyed elite from politics. Both countries will have to have cultural and political revolutions to get that type of corruption out of their respective governments.

Of course this won't happen as long as the real problems of corruption and poverty are purposely left out of Trump's and Washington's solutions to these nightmares. There is simply too much money being made by both sides for either to change the status quo.


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