Sunday, February 5, 2017

Is Not Trump But A Pimple On The Face Of A Much More Insidious Problem?

And what is that "insidious" problem?

Please read this article from Popular Resistance:

And this one from Bill Moyers:

And this one from Common Dreams, Chris Hedges:

And very inspiring, Jeremy Scahill:

Just found this one by George Monbiot:

Amy Goodman:

Josh Harkinson:

Robert Reich:

The people who voted for Trump have every right to be angry.  They are in American trenches fighting the disparity of wealth and its symptoms:  failed health care, illegal immigration, low paying jobs, the cost of  higher education - to name a few. 

Then we have the moneyed elite who run this country - and their hired politicians who pretend to represent "We The People".

Not all politicians mind you;  just the majority in Washington.

Whether they are from the smooth talking Clinton/Obama side or the W. Bush's and the brash Trump side, they are in the same "club".   The same 1% club that the occupy movement spoke of a few years back.

And that leaves the rest of us, the 99% in the other club (or sub-sections thereof);  the dwindling middle class and/or all economic levels down to the very poor.

I agree with the linked articles.  We have to keep our eye on the system that keeps producing the Clintons and Trumps - yet never really stands for We The People.  We need to stop Trump's and Bannon's attempt to create an authoritarian state.  We have to restructure our government so that it is not all about money, greed and control.

We need to wake up.  Just as the promises that Obama made faded off into the sunset, so will Trump's.  Why?  They are two sides of the same golden coin that belongs to them - not us.  They flip their own coin which always comes up heads for them.   Then they try and convince us that we will finally win the toss for our side.  Just hang on.

So I ask those of you who voted for Trump and those of you who didn't:  consider the possibility that both sides are being played against each other.  Is that not what is happening?  We have to be smarter than that.  

Consider what Trump promised and what he does.  Most importantly, he claimed he would make America great again and stand for the workers.   I dare say that hiring a cabinet of billionaires, not showing his tax returns and removing environmental and Wall Street regulations should be taken as red flags.  Red flags that he has conned you and lied to you.  He is not going to do as he promised.

I ask you to educate yourselves and listen to other news agencies than FOX or CNN.  I ask you to take responsibility for your picking Trump if and when in fact that choice turns out to hurt America.


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