Thursday, April 17, 2014

Earth to Obama - Immigration Reform Haunts The Entire Country

Earth to Obama - Immigration Reform Haunts The Entire Country. 

You Washington immigration profiteers have turned illegal immigration into another industry in which the US and undocumenteds' home country elite profit from cheap labor, remittances and billions of tax dollars going towards your cronies' border security boodle. 

Then both sides of congress bicker and blame each other for nothing getting done about "our"  immigration system. 

Meanwhile it is running exactly as you clowns have planned it to run.  This is not unlike Washington's 40+ year long failed war  on drugs.  All of the profit is in planned ineffectiveness and deceitful campaign promises.

Illegal immigration will continue.  Deportations will continue. Border deaths will continue.  US taxpayers will continue to suffer the brunt of millions of more undocumented illegally entering the country and billions more of their tax dollars being poured down the border security black hole. 

I suppose none of you Washington immigration profiteers suffer from the undocumented causing over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, or unfair demographic changes to many US towns and cities.

Nope.  You scammers live way above all that. 

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