Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Or More Illegal Immigration Wrongs Do Not Make Immigration Reform Right

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Two Or More Illegal Immigration Wrongs Do Not Make Immigration Reform Right 

Why Immigration Reform Activists Are Just As Greedy As The Elite Who Abuse The Undocumented

I will not support any immigration reform or reform activists who do not address poverty and Washington's economic relations with their home country governments as the root cause of illegal immigration.  To date I have not found one person to address this issue.

It is shameful to me that these undocumented people and their supporters selfishly demand that their immigration reform cases and deportations be rectified while they say not want their immigration reform cases and deportations rectified while they say not one word about the very conditions that pushed them here and will continue to cause millions more undocumented people to   suffer in their home countries.  Also they shamefully refuse to acknowledge or respect the hardships US citizens face because of their undocumented presence in the US.  

Two or more illegal immigration wrongs do not and never will make immigration reform right. 

In this specific sense these undocumented people and their supporters are no different than the US and home country economic elite who use them for cheap labor, home country remittances and billions of US tax dollars for "border security".  Both groups (the undocumented and the economic elite) greedily want what benefits themselves the most while they take no action or say not one word about how to stop the man-made poverty that will continually cause illegal immigration, border deaths, and Washington's next version of amnesty.


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