Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wrong-Doings On The Border Reflect Wrong-Doings At The Top

In response:

Wrong-Doings On The Border Reflect Wrong-doings At The Top

From the above article: "Obama has directed the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws "more humanely," the White House said in March."

How about The White House demanding that the undocumenteds' corrupt  home governments treat their own citizens "more humanely" so that they do not have to cross the border illegally in order to work and survive? 

How about The White House treating US taxpayers "more humanely" by ending NAFTA, CAFTA and their pending TPP trade policies that simultaneously export American jobs and import Latin America's (and the world's) undocumented?

How about The White House admitting that it's crony border security industries "fighting" illegal immigration and illegal drugs are actually profit-driven charades that thrive on their own ineffectiveness?

Immigration corruption and abuse flow down hill from the White House to our southern border.  The wrong-doings that occur on our border merely reflect the wrong-doings at the top.  And to try and correct one without correcting the other is like a dog endlessly chasing its own tail.


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